Heiwa Shotokan Karate Club SKKIF

Heiwa Shotokan Karate Club is a member of SKKIF – the UK arm of Shotokan Karate International Federation SKIF. It is run by experienced SKKIF instructors who have been with the organisation for many years (details can be found on Instructors tab). 

Heiwa (pronounced hay-wa) is a Japanese term for Harmony. Harmony has several meanings in Japanese and indeed Western culture. We chose this name as it encompasses many of the ideals within Karate. It is also a widely used term and philosophy of Kancho Kanazawa – and you will often hear him referring to harmony in techniques, movements and combinations – with breathing, with your surroundings and your opponent. If we apply this to the three broad elements of karate:
(1) KIHON – is training for harmony with yourself
(2) KUMITE – is training for harmony with your opponent
(3) KATA – is training for harmony with nature

The founding members of Heiwa are all existing SKKIF practitioners. We have a range of grades who have a wide range of experience. In addition we also welcome students from other karate organisations who wish to train and share their experiences with the club. We believe this makes for an open minded study of martial arts while still maintaining the traditions of our shotokan roots. Our instructors attend many courses throughout the year to further develop their skills and knowledge – both inside and outside the SKKIF organisation.